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For a long exposure shot (the basis of this tutorial), you will need a camera that has some control over the exposure settings, such as changing the shutter speeds. Some cameras may allow you to slow the shutter speeds down, while others (such as DSLR’s) will allow you to leave the shutter open for an infinite amount of time until you manually decide to close it, which allows as much light into the camera as you deem necessary.

Another inspiration has always been Victorian pictures. I think the women were so beautiful back then. I try to include them in jewelry as well. I think the interesting part is that these people are now long gone, and they get to live on in my artwork.

The biggest mistake a bride can make is trying to please everyone involved in their day. The thing that every bride needs to remember is this is their day and it only happens once. Spending time trying to make everyone happy is not only impossible but will take away from the fun and excitement of the planning process itself.

If you are looking to improve as a photographer, you should begin to shoot anything and everything. Of course, you’ll want permission before you snap a shot of your significant other, climbing out of bed in the morning, but you should be out shooting everything to practice with lighting, angles, coverage and other areas of importance.

Vision photography is growing as one of the most popular wedding photography studios in Michigan. Located in Bloomfield Hills, they primarily do engagements, weddings, maternity and boudoir portraits. They also offer photobooths and digital guest books that set them apart from many other area photographers.

The first step in trying to reduce red eyes in your pictures is to check and make sure that your camera has a setting in it for red eye reduction. Most of the current DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) and point and shoot cameras have this function and it does make quite a difference in the pictures you take.

First think of the types of shadows and contrast you want. Direct light produces sharp dark shadows. Diffused or indirect light produces softer tones. For dark shadows and high contrast difference between light and dark use direct light. On the other hand, for tones of gray and softer looks use a diffused light.

Shoot fast whenever you require a photo. The perfect moment to capture a picture usually doesn’t go on for long, so ensure you are always ready because of it. In the event you delay the shot, and smiles wear thin on your own subjects, it is possible to lose the attention of your respective subjects. If it means risking losing an excellent shot, don’t be worried about correctly using every setting on the settings.