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We liked the statement Mayakovsky in his article “Propaganda and advertising: “No one, even the most reliable business will not move forward without advertising… Usually think that we should advertise only thing good thing and it goes. This is the wrong opinion. Advertising is the name of the stuff… Advertising must remind endlessly about everything, even wonderful things… Think of advertising!”And we think about advertising our clients, this means that we think about business development and profits of their clients. Close cooperation with popular publications, knowledge of the current situation of the advertising market and skillful maneuvering on it, ultimately, provide our customers with the most favorable conditions for advertising in all media,allowing you to save a considerable amount of advertising budget.

Our company is not standing still and is constantly improving traditional advertising techniques and actively utilises new technologies and advertising methods and strategies.

We, the team of specialists, working a lot, but not as slaves in the galleys,” and we are happy that the evening rush home, and in the morning happy to go to work.


Our services

Our service includes:personal Manager, your personal, qualified specialist in the world of advertising materials and Souvenirs
service prepress and design for operational correction models, preparing them for various printing requirements and application, development of promotional materials and branding elements
powerful private facility equipped with latest technology
own logistics, warehouse
a server for storing the history of orders, as well as the original layouts
a large network of subcontractors, time-tested, partners from Russia, Europe and China

Usually, we produce printed and souvenir promotional materials to:

everyday corporate and office life
interior design, corporate style
negotiations, presentations and meetings
participation in exhibitions, conferences
corporate events
corporate, national and global holidays and associated activities



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